Friday, September 25, 2009

It's a "JAP" thingy

Currently doin right now: listening Spanish album of Christina Aguilera (mi reflejo)
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I dunno what will I post here in my blog… hehe “sori na gud” but I have to post something in order to update my blog for my constituents…”aw!”

Well… I dunno If I consider myself as an expert in fashion about this post and somehow, I just want to help those people who are a bit confused on what are the essential things about the Eastern fashion or simply what we called “Jap style”.

Jap style or Japanese invasion style is originated “of course” in Japan where standout pieces like silver studs, overly patterned ruffled blouses or skirts, super high-cut boots and exaggeratedly tattered jeans are used and wear casually by the yellow skinned people. I would say that it is really normal for them to use these kinds of clothes for strolling, working on the day time shift and even schooldays! And I probably say that it is one of the unique modes of fashion compared in western style.

I know that my fellow staffers in the publication are having a huge problem on what are they going to wear in the upcoming IPR (inter personal relationship) activity because the theme of this IPR is “Korean Pop Star”. Somehow, this kind of theme is really related to Jap style. So I guess I could give some tips on what to wear and what are the dos and don’ts wearing this kind of technique.

A Modern Vintage

Japanese style is a modern way of wearing vintage clothes. To achieve this kind of style, “ukay ukay” is the best solution for that.
Vintage shirts with statement print outs in the front shirt matched with straight cut denim (and not the loose one) and a closed pointed loud colored high heel is a simple way to make. You can also use some scarves hanged in the shirt, jackets or sweatshirts that have loud and unique details and cartoon prints to add drama in your outfit. If you are too confident enough, wear a vintage shirt paired with skinny jeans and high cut boots. You can also use furry accessories like fur headbands or studded frills for rocker Jap effect.

Ruffles Riffles and Tousles

Ruffles are excellent standout piece and can be worn in a low key or maintenance. Ruffled blouses and skirts are best ones to buy for versatility kind of style. A candy colored ruffled blouse matched with a mini-shorts and knee socks can be a “Jap” motif and a simple razorback tee worn under a cropped jacket paired with a ruffled short skirt and a noticeable high heel or shoe is a great one to do also.

Layer, Layer, Layer

I had an issue of seventeen magazine way back 6 years ago (it was my high school days), that talks about “Jap” invasion of style. One thing that the article says is the best way to achieve this look is to practice the art of “layering”. A loud colored racer back tee layered by a pastel colored spaghetti strap and a plain white tube is the most common “layering” way to do. You can also wear black tights under simple denim or khaki mini shorts, colored socks and a nice pair of sneakers or chucks for an edgy yet cute “Japan Japan Porma”.

F4 or BOF mode

For guys; neatness, simple yet sensual are the perfect adjectives to describe the Japanese inspired look. Most of the Asianovelas that we saw in the television and mainstreams today are Asian guys who wear tuxedos and suits and patterned scarves for fashionable yet masculine mode. For those guys who are a bit stylish, a statement shirt with arab scarf worn under a black suit paired with skinny or straight cut jeans and sneakers is quite fancy but an ideal way to look like F4 or BOF. The other thing that you should remember is the hairstyle. “Jap” looks always deal with their hairstyles and can be a standout accessory in this kind of fashion statement.

Superb “bangs”

I honestly agree that full, China cut, “Pichina” (named in 1980’s) bangs are ariginated in Asia. If you are able to watch “Memoirs of Geisha”, most of the Japanese women preferred to have bangs. I decided to change my hairstyle due to the upcoming IPR and I preferred to have a full bangs. So I went to Carlo Reyes salon (my own suki…) to dye my hair from copper blond to jet black and cut my bangs. I usually like the result coz it is done in a right way and I ought to be fashionable even if I am just wearing a simple white tee, a jeans and sneakers. My hair is the best accessory to achieve Japanese fashion.

Jap style is truly weird yet cute way to be inspired of. As we saw in the anime schemes, It is the most cutest way to achieve. In my own little way, I usually follow this kind of style coz it really gives me the signature receive compliments from others. I’m so loving it and that’s it!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Oh look!

This set of phrase was said by my ever dearest “kumare”, Muding or Chessabells and I was laughing out loud because of the maliciously interpretations of my co-publication staff in the office. If I will try to explain to you what’s with this exclamatory phrase, It will end up explaining it too vulgar and not good to the readers especially to the minors and my blog is not intended for sexual purposes… ok?

So let it be and try to think what the nasty interpretation of that is!

As the matter of fact, we enjoy little or simple things in this world and just even saying two words that are far out, maliciously interpreted, or jokingly adhered can make you LOL! Well, I used to do that everyday. Making fun with my friends and laugh exaggeratedly is my best medicine with all the stresses that I felt.

It’s a childish thing but I really love it and it’s not being “plastikan” but I appreciate all the people who make me LOL. Perversely seen by the other people but Wa koy “L” and I don’t really care if I laugh like a donkey… basta, I am really happy and that’s it.

Laughing is really the best medicine towards aging and laughing out loud is the best way to relieve the stress…

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My dad is really the best…

Actually, I decided to post at least 10 English posts just for a quite change in my blog account (challenging ito!), anyway… at least di ba?

As far as I remember, I wrote a post about my dad which is really painful for me to write about. Well, you cannot blame me for that one coz it was really one of the most painful things that I felt in my 22 years living in this crazy world. Yah… I had grudges with my dad for what he had done to me. I would like to clarify that he hurt me emotionally and not physically and it was not a gender issue that most of the gays felt why they hated their father so much. I have a different reason and I think it is valid!

That was before… again, that was BEFORE. Maybe god is so great that he was able to grant me a gift of understanding and forgiveness to others, I don’t want to be sounded as I was making “wali” but it was true.

Yesterday, I was wondering that I was not able to receive any text from my mom. I left her in Bacolod last Monday. Even though that my mom is really a “lagalag” kind of person, I was a bit worried. When I went home in my grandmother’s house at around 10:30 p.m, I saw that there were lot of people in the house and I thought that my lola was dead. Well, it went wrong… the mourning that I felt in my head turned into happiness when I saw my dad in the couch sitting in front of my mom’s relatives. I was also shocked that my mom was there sitting beside papa and laughing lout loud (as usual… my mom is like me).

I was screaming when I saw them. I wanted to cry but I managed not to do it coz I was thinking that I was overreacting. Without apprehension, I hugged my dad and I really felt the completeness within myself. My mom was really happy and so do I.

We talked so many things and I realize that even for a short time, my family was complete. I slept between them and it was really the first time that I did it.

I have reasons why I had grudges with my father and I realize that even though he made a mistake in our family, he is willing to cope it up. I wish that the memories or I should say problems that my family encountered may turn into ashes and be deleted in our minds. Maybe if I could turn back the time… I will try to fix the mess that we experienced.

hmmm, that’s life. Sometimes, you have to experience to be hurt and be happy after all. My only advice is to love your mama and papa so much. They are the ones who will mold you to become a good person. They are the ones who will teach you how to be a fighter in this challenging world. And they are the ones who love you for who you are as a person.

Sounds new right? Well… It’s a part of growing up!

Friday, September 11, 2009

did I moved on?

But you’ve made me stronger by breaking my heart,
You ended my life and made a better one start
You told me everything from falling in love
To let it go on the line
Yes, you’ve made me stronger
Baby by saying goodbye…

You’ve made me stronger
By: Regine Velasquez

It was Tuesday night, past 11 pm when I noticed that my phone is ringing and eventually, I ignored that call and focused on what Marmar Roxas said in SNN program regarding his candidacy for 2010 elections. The phone rang again and saw that my ex was calling and I felt the rush of my blood in my head. In the mere fact, he called me because he wanted to meet him up in Cebu and to be with him for two or three day’s maybe. Honestly, I wanted to go but there’s a part of me that blocked me up not to go because… It was really over.

I was not able to sleep that night and I wasn’t crying. I was thinking so many things especially with my ex. I felt that I was having my psychosis syndrome and when I realized that I was overacting, I slept around four in the morning and woke up at seven.

I was sipping my coffee that morning and my head was swirling with lots of confusions in my head and felt that again, I was making things complicated and I can’t help it. I took a bath and pull my wardrobe for that day without checking it out if it was good or not. It ended up wearing a ruffled baby blue blouse and skinny jeans with matching golden earrings and a checkered headband. After fixing my hair and putting my rituals on my face, I went out in my lola’s house without saying goodbye with my grandma.

It was ten in the morning when I used to have an Arabic class which I wasn’t able to attend for so many days (the last time I attended with that class was in Midterm exam), Obviously, I wasn’t able to attend again and decided to talk with my fellow staff in the publication. In the first place, I thought I can hide my heartaches that I felt without knowing the reason why I was hurting. I felt the pain that I was hiding and burst out when love songs played in the office. I was crying that time and I have no choice to release it rather than hiding it too painfully.

I thought I moved on but why is it that I’m still affected especially nowadays. It’s been months since we talked seriously and turned down his proposal and I was shocked that he will be married someday with his fiancé (of course). I thought I can manage myself and live life as normal as I have when he’s not in my sight or simply… side. But it’s not working out and I felt that I was still clinging in my past.

I already moved out from the situation but the person who is a part in that state is not letting you out from the circles that served as a borderline, of course, you cannot freely moved out. I am prepared to freeze my emotions but he is the one who melt it out.

I am not blind, deaf or insensitive to feel this one. I am deeply hurt again because he is not letting me out to move on. It is always like this… it’s not a déjà vu thingy and I am really tired of this matter. It’s useless again if I use to say that ‘pls stop doing this to me’ since it will replicate the same thing over and over again. It’s like knotting the tie and there is someone who will fix the knot that I made. How many knots do I have to make in order for him to realize that it is exhausting to fix those knots? Do I have to make a millions knots? It’s insane….

I know that I should be flattered that someone felt in love with me in this way. But I am sticking to the law of nature and the law of man. I am not selfish.