Tuesday, January 27, 2009

lakra tinta

I thought it was just a seminar... but then, it was the most memorable experience as I joined my TN family…

Honestly, my mind was swirling with a heavy stupor of clouds (feature kaayo!) when I woke up last January 23, 2009. I dunno why coz maybe I was some kind of “nahihiya” that Lakra tinta was my first activity with my TN staff. I knew that they were all my friends but eventually, there was what we called “nakakailang” on my part and sorry… I was not able to explain my emotions! Hehe!.

I was wearing my yellow ruffled sleeveless collared shirt and my mini tattered jeans on that moment… I was also wearing my studded earrings para sosyal! (MAYAMAN KAMI SA SORSOGON!) but my outfit didn’t mean that I was confident on my persona that hour. When I went to school, I thought I was late (as usual) but luckily… I was saved by the time… (nosebleed!)

We were in Le toundra and the other staffs were busy doing their stuffs and I was in a verge of “pagkamika” . Junrell, the EIC of TN told me to start doing my business to entertain the other staffs coming from NORSU external campuses and NORSU colleges. Of course I was shy even though the other people will say that im “Bagag Nawong” but my reason for that was I didn’t know them in the first place and I didn’t want to be FC or feeling close but as my duty called me to do so… WALA KOY MA-DO.

As the seminar went by, I thought that it was just a plain activity with speakers and gusets speaking their desired topic and blah blah… some kinda bored because some of the topics were taught through my major subject but it was refreshing to my mind… (BRIGHT KO PERO TOLLBAR IS WITH MY SIDE EVERYDAY)

One of the highlights of LAKRA TINTA was the ink blotters night. The concept was “all black party”. Did you know that? I love parties! Anyway I was wearing my “PANGUSOG” outfit, a black maxi dress or in fashion, MUMU dress but others looked at it as a gown… (What an idiot when it comes to fashion) so… I don’t want to make comments to the some of the people out there who were fashion victims coz I understand that they were not reading fashion magazines or simply saying that they were not aware of fashion trends this 2009 and they were not conscious of what was the meaning a word PARTY!. Ok, so much with that but I enjoyed a lot coz I was not expecting that my TN family were the ones who exploded my true personality coz I was raised by my mom with Pa-girl image but eventually, that party turned my character to an unlady-like thing!. I was dancing like a paranoid, running like a dog, eating in the kitchen like theres no food tomorrow and come to think about it, I was wearing a long dress! What a night.

At least in that split second, I knew that everything they would like to think in BEA\s persona was just only a glimpse. There were so many things that they must discover and the good thing of it was they gained my trust. It was so hard for me to gain trust but as I had said… love cannot live without trust.

Sunday night, January 24 2009, I realized that TN accepted me for who I am and they understand my emotions and the way I carry myself. Of course, I was touched coz they gave me a chance to be part of their family and at the same time, they had the chance to know me of who BEA was!

So… better think of another memorable experience in my years of being part of The Norsunian! Gud luck to myself!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Its Bea's Life!!

Sorry you can’t define me

Sorry I break my rules

Sorry damn I speak my mind

Sorry don’t you dare with me

Sorry if I don’t fake it

Sorry I come to late

I just really know what I feel….

Im so sorry….

Ano ba’t meron ako na wala ang iba…? Ano ba’t meron sila na wala ako..? well… its just that some of the people have this blogging thing but eventually… its my first time to have this.. hehehe sounds kacheapan but that’s the truth!

When I was in high school I used to write a daily accounts of life or in other words… “DIARY” . believe it or not… nakailang notebooks na ako kasusulat ng mumunting istorya ng aking buhay. I experienced so many things in my 10 plus 10 minus 10 over th exponent of thirty fifth power times the adjacent period… blah blah blah!! Anyway, in short I was mold based on challenges! “lami ang term”

I am now an adult… trying to figure out what is the best future for me and there’s no kaO.A.an moments and I know it’s a form of a high school thing! I know that some of you will say that I am one of the bubbly persons that you meet but behind those blush-on, lip gloss and ostentatious outfits.. there’s a real me hiding inside my persona at all!. This account that I have will serve as a mirror to my soul and into my individuality. You better read my account over and over again para maintindihan!! Hehehe!!

This is the moment that you’ve been waiting for!. Trying to expose my life in some valid reasons… we are living in vast expanse of timeless space! “TOO EXAGGERATED”!.

No walls, no pretense! Just me! Stripped!